Originals & Giclees

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What is A Giclee

A giclee is the highest quality print made with an inkjet printer. Pronounced "G-clay", the word comes from the French, meaning squirt of paint, which is exactly what an inkjet printer does.

The quality of a giclee print is far superior to all other forms of printing. I get my original painting scanned on a large format scanner that gives me the highest resolution for printing. It's the closest process of matching the color and details of my original painting. The inks that are used are pigmented and are UV protected and fade resistant. The canvas is a high quality cotton, as well.

Simply Put, a giclee canvas print is the highest quality print, using the best practice and the best quality printer, canvas and ink that is available.

My giclees come with a signed certificate of authenticity and limited edition number.

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